Interactions Among Species

summary/definition of interactions and then a few interesting stories (a paragraph and figure each) as examples with links to the species pages

Plant-plant and plant-fungi interactions

  1. Effects of litter on non-vascs
  2. pH and water-holding power of Sphagnum
  3. Alder nitrogen fixing nodules
  4. Allelopathy
  5. Mycorrhizae

Plant-animal interactions

  1. moose-willow
  2. hares-willow
  3. red squirrels and spruce
  4. ground squirrels and vegetation: article from Denali using grid data!
  5. birds-vegetation structure
  6. insects-plant interactions – leaf miners in aspen and willow
  7. bears digging roots and munching berries
  8. beavers and landscape structure/wetlands

Plant-human interactions

  1. Ethnobotany – mention that this information is available for some species in their species pages