Search Help

Entries into the search box will search the common and scientific name fields as well as recorded synonyms, unless otherwise indicated. Type the name of species you are looking for using the following tips:

  • “white” will return all species with “white”, “white-lipped”, “whitestem”, or other concatenations of “white.”
  • “white spruce” will return all species with either the word “white” or “spruce” in any order.
  • “white+spruce” will return only species with the phrase “white spruce.”
  • Capital letters do not matter.
  • Partial words will be taken as such, and will return species that use whole words containing those letters.

Additional Features:

As you search for or browse through species atlas pages, be sure to fully explore each page.

  • Click the arrows below the photos to scroll through all available photos.
  • Click the headings for information categories such as Species Distribution, Phenology, and Reproduction (with arrows that point downwards) to reveal the details in the gray box below.
  • Click the headings for Synonyms and Community Ecology (with arrows that point to the side) to view a page that displays all past synonyms or characteristic plant communities to which that species belongs.
  • Click the map and chart graphics that appear to the right to view all available maps, plots, and charts. All images and graphics can be enlarged with a click.


DenaliFlora AppAlso, be sure to download the DenaliFlora Plant Identification App, a great companion to this Ecological Atlas.