Important Species Groups

To highlight some of the most commonly sought after information about members of Denali’s flora, we selected the species groups below. Species in these groups are very common, very rare, non-native to the area, or part of Denali’s rich human history. Select the categories below to browse a selection of species that fall into each group, or view species lists to see lists of all of Denali’s species in these categories.

Most Abundant Species

low bush cranberryDenali  is home to >750 species of vascular plants, and an additional 1000 nonvascular species! Start here to learn about the most commonly encountered set of species forming a mosaic on the landscape.

Rare & Sensitive Species

a rare plantProtected ecosystems like Denali National Park are critical habitats for plant species that are low in numbers across their range, and the presence of these species are part of what make Denali so unique.

Plants of Ethnobotanical Importance

blueberry bush

Ethnobotany is the study of the relationship between humans and plants – including cultural significance and known uses. Start here to learn more about the most frequently used members of the flora.

Invasive Species

an invasive speciesWatch out for these invaders! An invasive species is one that has been introduced into a new environment through deliberate or inadvertent human activity, and has the potential to damage native vegetation.