Incompletely Circumpolar

Browse Plants   The species in this group have distributions that are similar to the circumpolar plants of boreal distribution, but are not known from either Greenland or Europe, thus have geographic ranges that are not truly circumpolar. Examples of incompletely circumpolar species in the Denali National Park and Preserve flora include Calypso bulbosa, Carex limosa, Chamaedaphne calyculata, Equisetum fluviatile, and Moehringia lateriflora. Three of the plant species in the incompletely circumpolar plants are introduced weeds in Denali National Park and Preserve: Descurainia sophia, Crepis tectorum, and Lappula squarrosa. For more information about biogeographic regions download theĀ complete report. Incompletely circumpolar biogeography