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Denali National Park and Preserve is home to hundreds of plant species.  Do you have a favorite?  If not, it won’t take long to find one, just use the browsing options described below.

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a taxonomic tree

List By Family or Genera

View species that are related. Plant taxonomists give species names, placing them in genera and families based on their characteristics.


Browse by Biogeography

View groups of species that display similar distributions-biogeography is the study of where organisms live in space and time.

Gail Murie drawing of Sedum roseum

Explore Growth Forms

Plants exhibiting the same growth form (i.e., trees, grasses, or lichens) often relate to their environment in a similar way.

Blueberries are a tasty snack

Important Species Groups

Start here to browse plants of special ecological importance – they may be very common, very rare, used by many, or exotic invaders.