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Botanical research data has been compiled for many regions throughout Alaska, by several different entities. The valuable web resources listed below provide information on the taxonomy, geographic distribution, and ecology of their region’s plants. Some sites provide raw data, while others include information on natural history, species diversity, ecological processes, plant uses, and the possible effects of climate change on Alaska’s flora.

UAA herbarium specimenUniversity of Alaska Museum Herbarium

The Museum of the North is home to one of the major research herbariums in Alaska. It contains more than 220,000 specimens of non-vascular and vascular plants. Collection specimens have been digitized;  providing easy access to information on species geographic extent, habitat, and associated plants.

Alaska Geobotany Center

Alaska Geobotany Center LogoThrough the use of geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, field experiments, and research projects, the Alaska Geobotany Center provides valuable information on northern ecosystems in Alaska. A digital library provides easy access to reports, articles, and books. 


Alaska Center for Conservation Scienceicon for Non-Native Plant Identification Guide

A comprehensive research program focused on conserving Alaska’s biological resources. The Alaska Center for Conservation Science also includes the Alaska Natural Heritage Program, which creates and maintains lists and field guides of Alaska’s rare and invasive plant species.

Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Research (LTER)

Bonanza Creek diagram

This website provides access to extensive research summaries and datasets originating from field sites in central Alaska established in the 1960s. Research focuses on the interactive effects of changing climate, disturbance regimes, and regional feedback in the Alaska boreal forest among other topics. 

Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical AtlasToolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas Website Header

While our atlas focuses on the flora of central Alaska, this atlas focuses on the flora of northern Alaska and the circumpolar Arctic. A wide range of geobotanical information is provided for the study area including maps, photos, and supporting data.

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